Southern Poverty Law Center Event Tackles Hate, Extremism in US

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Lecia Brooks spoke to a crowd of nearly 100 on the state of hate and extremism in the U.S. during the featured lecture for the Hate Has No Home at UMass campaign on Oct. 2. Brooks, who led the talk in the Bernie Dallas Room in Goodell Hall, offered a detailed…

Building Bridges Showcase, Opening Reception Set for April 11

As the spring semester begins, the university will launch Building Bridges, a public art and engagement initiative designed to foster new connections among UMass Amherst community members who come from greatly varied backgrounds and hold differing perspectives. It’s an opportunity, no matter what your role or job may be on campus, to become actively engaged….

University Launches ‘Hate Has No Home at UMass’ Campaign

With the beginning of a new academic year, UMass Amherst has launched ‘Hate Has No Home at UMass,’ a campaign reaffirming the university’s core values and its commitment to ensuring a safe and welcoming living-learning environment for every member of the campus community. Read more. Learn more about Crystal Maldonado’s involvement in the award-winning campaign.

What Should Your Higher Ed Institution Look like on Social Media?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it is broken, well, you should probably rectify that. That’s my basic lesson when it comes to how your higher education institution should look on social media. Here’s an excerpt. Most institutions find themselves home to dozens of social media accounts that exist beyond their signature…